The controversial digital Bitcoin Code

The controversial digital currency Bitcoin Code has lost massively in value just before Christmas. On various trading platforms Bitcoin slipped on Friday by about 30 percent, falling below the mark of 10,800 US dollars. Recently the price recovered somewhat. On Bitstamp, one of the largest trading platforms, it was late afternoon at 12,800 US dollars. But they were still around 32 percent less than Bitcoin Code review that reached at the beginning of the week Dollar 19,000.

 What is the Bitcoin Code

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 The steep rise of Bitcoin in recent weeks has at least for the time being found with the slump to an abrupt end. Last weekend, the Bitcoin was still running up various trading venues to 20,000 dollars. One reason was the introduction of futures contracts by the major US stock exchange CME. But since then is the Bitcoin under pressure. Other crypto currencies like Ethereum or Litecoin fared similarly. On Friday, they also forfeited much of their value.

“When the bubble finally burst?” Asked Neil Wilson, market analyst from the trading firm ETX Capital. Many experts describe the soaring Bitcoin, who had risen up to 1,900 percent since the beginning, to be unsustainable. According to Wilson but is difficult to answer the question he question. Sharp price movements are almost normal in Bitcoin. Therefore, it could be good that the course to start again.

Also as far as the reason for the price fall, tap rather in the dark. Although there have recently the review page called onlinebetrug been some bad news for the Bitcoin, about hacker attacks on Bitcoin exchanges and the threat of government control of the largely unregulated trade. but is also possible that some market participants simply took profits before the end of the year and the Bitcoin had therefore sold.

Central bankers and experts warn again of the unpredictability of Bitcoin and speak more of a speculation than a currency, as one of the most important characteristics of classic money – the stability – is not guaranteed. At the same Bitcoin and other crypto currencies fascinate investors, particularly in Asia. In addition to the CME, the major US stock exchange CBOE launched futures contracts on the Bitcoin – so that cryptocurrency is angekommen./bgf/tos/das in the classical world of finance